Boys of the Bible

Over 900 men are mentioned in the Bible — far too many to include all of them in this quilt, but all worthy of further study and reflection. Throughout this pattern series, we will take a closer look at 100 men mentioned in the Bible. We will call these men, “Boys of the Bible.” Some were truly bad (evil), others were somewhat bad (flawed), and other were good and faithful.

Through our study of these men, we will traverse nearly all of the books of the Bible. Each pattern will include references to scripture and a message for reflection. At the end of each pattern, space is provided for your own personal reflection.

You can use this space to recall your personal thoughts regarding the Bible Boy, or you can use the space to reflect on your process/progress when constructing the quilt. Your completed journal will become a cherished treasure to accompany your finished keepsake quilt.

Each block will finish 8” x 12” — an 8” square block with two 2” x 8” tabs. The tab space serves two purposes: setting units & (optional) name/scripture embroidery. The quilt can be constructed as a scrappy quilt, but was designed to feature three block color pathways with one contrast fabric. The three colors should be analogous: three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.

It’s not too late to start the Boys of the Bible Quilt Journey! We are fortunate to be able to provide you with an opportunity to purchase the complete pattern. Your Boys of the Bible CD, which contains all of the patterns and finishing instructions in a digital format, is available for $19.99.

Boys of the Bible Introduction and yardage requirements available here. 

Corrected final page for Block 8 available here. 

When you have finished your Boys of the Bible quilt, here is a link to the Border & Setting Instructions and the finishing kits.

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