PFAFF- Creative Vision
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PFAFF- Creative Vision

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The CREATIVE VISION sewing and embroidery machine offers sewers previously unavailable features and benefits including enhanced sewing precision, brightness and more sewing space.

  • Precision: The Original IDT feature guarantees even fabric feed from top to bottom, while precise positioning is the most accurate means of connecting large embroidery creations.
  • Brightness: Custom, adjustable LED lighting allows sewers to perfectly illuminate their sewing space specific to their fabric, without any shadows. The brilliant PFAFF HD color touch screen has three dimensional views of designs, shapes and colors so sewers can view all correct colors and sewing stitches in the right size.
  • Space: The largest embroidery area available in the market today (up to 360x350mm), the longest free arm and the most space to the right of the needle (250mm) enables sewers to create the largest embroideries in the industry and create sewing projects with unprecedented amounts of fabric.

PFAFF sewing machines are the pinnacle of German design and engineering. Offering more unique features not found on any other sewing machine, the CREATIVE VISION machine has an intuitive navigation menu that enables the creation of complex embroidery designs with the touch of a stylus. The USB embroidery stick and USB port allows sewers to create and transfer intricate designs from a personal computer or the Internet. These advanced features, along with a large selection of high quality 9mm stitches, will inspire new ideas.

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